2022 Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept car revealed

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2022 Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG concept car revealed

This luxury German brand has revealed its future vision for its range of performance cars with a head-turning new electric car concept.

The heavy fabric cover slides to the floor, revealing a long, low and lovely looking four-door coupe.

“That car previews the next-generation, fully-electric future of AMG,” announces Mercedes-Benz design chief Gorden Wagener with a theatrical sweep of his arm.

The Vision AMG concept is a foretaste of the Porsche Taycan competitor that’s coming from Mercedes-Benz’s go-fast division. The high-performance EV will go into production late in 2025, company boss Ola Kallenius said in a recent interview.

Because it’s so far from being production-line ready, the show car is mainly about the shape of things to come from AMG.

It’s a very basic full-size model, with no interior. It isn’t driveable because it lacks all the stuff to make it go, stop and steer. And some of the details are outlandish, like the treadless slick tyres and colour accents inspired by Mercedes-AMG’s Petronas-sponsored Formula One race cars.

Still, the Vision AMG does tell us a lot about what the company is planning.

The exterior is very sleek. There are similarities to the Mercedes-Benz EQXX, the fully functional and ultra-aerodynamic concept EV that recently completed a 1000km drive from Germany to France at an average speed of almost 90km/h… without once recharging its battery.

Like the EQXX, the Vision AMG’s sloping nose is grilleless and its tail is long and tapered, both features which cut wind resistance.

Some of the show car’s details are realistic, too.

Its headlights are deliberately designed to resemble Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star badge, a look that will be adopted for the production version’s daytime running lights. Same goes for the vertical light strips between them, which echo the trademark Panamera grille of AMG’s current internal-combustion engine and hybrid models.

At the rear the six low-mounted circular tail-lights intentionally imitate glowing exhaust pipes. This feature will appear on the production version, and future electric AMG models. Top-of-the-range cars will have six lights, like the show car, lesser models only four, we’re told.

The prominent AMG logo on the rear end is another thing that will be seen on AMG’s EVs. Current cars wear much smaller Mercedes-AMG badges.

While there was no discussion of the electro-tech that will power the production version of the show car, AMG’s chief tech officer Jochen Hermann has revealed some of the basics in earlier interviews.

Mercedes-AMG’s Taycan-beater will roll on an all-new EV platform designed for it from the ground up.

It will have innovative axial-flux electric motors designed by Yasa. Last year Mercedes-Benz acquired this small UK-based company, which also supplies electric motors to Ferrari for its 296 GTB and SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrids.

The battery pack of the production version of Vision AMG will be filled with Formula One-style cells that prioritise power output over driving range. Just like those used in the company’s new GT63 S E Performance plug-in hybrid.

And you can count on AMG aiming to beat the similar Taycan’s ballistic performance. More than 500 examples of the Porsche were sold in Australia last year, making it one of the most popular EVs in the country after the Tesla Model 3.

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