Aldi releases customisable $15 Ready Set Cook meal kits

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Aldi releases customisable $15 Ready Set Cook meal kits

It hasn’t been on shelves that long, but Aldi shoppers have already managed to nab the budget item, boasting about how good it tastes.

Aldi Australia has released a budget range of meal kits designed to feed a family for under $30 – and already shoppers are raving about them.

The new $14.99 cooking kits contain easy dinner recipes made from fresh produce with the German retailer releasing four packs – tex mex beef burger, chicken pad thai, teriyaki salmon and bacon-wrapped pork and fennel sausages.

The new Ready, Set, Cook Aldi meal kits serve two people and at $14.99 each, shoppers can feed a family-of-four for just $30.

,Aldi Australia shopping expert Kylie Warnke said all customers need to do is choose a kit and shop the remaining ingredients listed.

“These affordable Ready, Set Cook kits mean you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to create tasty, healthy meals,” Ms Warnke said.

“The range is available in stores now until the end of July or while stocks last, with a different recipe kit available each week.”

Shoppers have since taken to social media to boast about the new “affordable” kits.

“This was awesome!” one woman wrote in Aldi Mums Facebook page.

“Makes a huge amount, we fed two adults, one teenage boy and a child easily,” she said about the chicken pad thai dish.

“I didn’t add the chilli as I’m a baby when it comes to spice. It was still pretty spicy to me (which doesn’t mean anything). 10/10 will buy again.”

Another shopper described the same dish as “amazing”, saying it was worth the money.

“Trying this for the first time tonight. Anyone else tried or seen it?” she wrote.

“EDIT – pic with ingredients, about to cook so will add on end result pic and rating️. End Result Uploaded – and oh my it’s amazing! Definitely buy again and it was well worth $15.”

One Aldi customer said he was in “heaven” after tasting his pad thai meal, praising the flavour and “freshness of all the ingredients”.

“Whipped it up quick and in a restaurant your [sic] looking at $25-$30 for this,” he said.

Others appreciated it required barely any effort.

“Love the fact that you don’t need to put any thinking effort in, as it’s all ready for you,” one Facebook user wrote.

The burger dish has also been a huge hit, with one woman’s post racking up almost 200 ‘likes’.

“Found this and couldn’t wait to try it,” she said, sharing a photo of two burgers.

“Was delicious – definitely recommended, $14.99 serves two.”

The range is available at Aldi stores nationwide until stocks last.

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