Australians working more according to ABS data

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Australians working more according to ABS data

Australians worked more hours in the months leading up to the Christmas period and as inflation has continued to rise, according to new data.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ labour force figures for November revealed many Australians are working increased hours, a trend which has continued from August.

The hours Australians worked in November increased to 1890 million in November, a 4.5 per cent increase over 12 months.

Casuals are bearing the brunt of the hours worked compared to February 2020, with that figure currently 5.8 per cent higher than before the Covid-19 pandemic.

These workers are now undertaking 23.6 hours of work per week after dropping to a low of 21 hours at the height of the pandemic.

The number of Australians employed as casuals has also steadily increased from August 2021, as many parts of the country moved away from lockdowns.

A record number of people are working multiple jobs as the cost of living crisis bites, with nearly 900,000 people, a high of 6.5 per cent of all workers, now holding two or more jobs, according to data from September

The less a worker earnt, the more likely they were to pick up another job.

Nearly one in 10 people who earnt less than $1000 a week in their main job were likely to pick up a second, compared to only one in 20 for those earning more than $1000 a week.

Those working in healthcare and education are the most likely to pick up a second job, followed by administration employees and those in accommodation and retail.

The rise in hours worked also corresponds with the historic low unemployment rate Australia is experiencing at the moment.

The unemployment rate has remained at 3.5 per cent since August and has stayed under four per cent throughout 2022.

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