Bar1 in Perth bans patrons from wearing red shoes

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Bar1 in Perth bans patrons from wearing red shoes

A popular nightclub in Perth, Bar1, has banned its patrons from wearing red shoes in a move that has bemused the internet.

“Yes, we are serious,” the venue posted on its Facebook page, specifying that the ban will go into effect on February 1.

Speaking to 6PR radio, club owner Malcolm Pages said the ban was aimed at a “certain style of person”, not those who are “well dressed”. He described the type of person in question as having an “attitude to things” or acting like a “tough guy”.

“It’s more a certain element of person which has red Nikes or red ASICs or red New Balance to match with a big, thick chain and a certain shirt,” he explained.

“It’s a little bit eshay. It’s also a little bit Aussie local suburban hero and every pub, nightclub, bar, security person and police officer will tell you … the local hero certainly wears a certain style of clothing.

“Unfortunately, when these people are dealt with or refused entry or they’ve been asked to leave, a large percentage of the time they have red shoes on.”

Mr Pages said many of the patrons at whom the ban was aimed were “repeat customers every week” and he gets along with them. He said he’d talk to them.

“I know what they’re like, so sometimes it’s just a case of saying to them if they’re acting up, ‘You need to pull your head in,’” he said.

Social media users responded to the ban with bemused humour.

“Anyone wearing red runners should be banned from life,” quipped Di Anna.

“They are a safe way home after a big night out. Just click them together and say, ‘There’s no place like home,’” said Scott Sheppard.

And a more earnest reaction from Melissa Hunt: “What did red shoes ever do to them? They are just shoes.”

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