Brazilian influencers slammed for stripping in front of Paris Eiffel Tower

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Brazilian influencers slammed for stripping in front of Paris Eiffel Tower

Two Brazilian influencers have sparked outrage after footage showed them standing in front of the Eiffel Tower dressed in skimpy red bikinis.

Footage shows Gabriela Versiani, 24, and Gabily, 27, being approached by police officers after they were spotted during the stunt in Paris.

The pair, who were promoting their bikini business, were quickly ordered to cover up on October 31, The Sun reports.

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The move was met with fierce backlash online when the models posted the footage and images on their Instagram pages.

In the clip, the girls are seen removing long black coats to reveal red bikinis while a third girl wears a blazer that barely covers her bottom.

They are surrounded by stunned crowds of tourists as well as families.

Suddenly a group of police officers approaches before one officer steps forward and appears to tell the women to cover up.

Vanessa Lopez, who was taking the shots, spoke out about the incident online.

She told her followers: “We were almost arrested, guys, because we were advertising for bikinis and they said we can’t.

“We said, ‘Ah, but it’s a bikini.’”

“I even said, ‘Lady, it’s because we have a bikini business.’”

Vanessa went on to explain that the officers informed them that it is against the law to take semi-nude photos in front of a tourist destination.

People online said the models should be “ashamed” of their actions while others said they had “crossed the line”.

“I don’t understand why they don’t go to the Caribbean or the pool if you want to promote your brand. Now in Paris and worse the Tower. Your content is totally useless,” one said.

“Sometimes sense has to come before marketing,” wrote another.

However, some showed support for the girls’ stunt.

“If I had this bikini, this body and the ticket [to go to Paris] I would also do it lol PERFECT,” one wrote.

The video of the bikini blunder was posted on Instagram by Luane Dias, 28, a Brazilian television personality who happened to be filming at the same time.

Luane captured the exact moment the two influencers got a few snaps in before the police approached.

She said: “I’m glad I’m not with them.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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