Brisbane: Karyn Love passes away from breast cancer

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Brisbane: Karyn Love passes away from breast cancer

A mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer on the day she gave birth to her daughter has passed away from the disease.

Despite defying the odds and living for 19 months compared to the short time doctors initially gave her, Karyn Love, from Brisbane, lost her battle with cancer this week.

Her family announced the loss on Instagram alongside a tribute to her, with a “life celebration ceremony” to be held in remembrance.

“Karyn Louise Love. 1983 – 2022. Smile for me, I am free,” the post read.

“Thank you for all your love and kindness throughout my journey, I will remember you.”

The ceremony to be held in her honour is set to be held

Mourners are asked to wear white in her honour, with the ceremony to take place on December 18 at 10.30am in Brookfield.

Ms Love had announced that she was “gravely unwell” more than a year ago while pregnant with baby Billi, with fears she could lose her child due to the disease.

She was rushed to the hospital at 29 weeks with severe backpain.

“She was told she needed an emergency caesarian immediately otherwise she and her baby may not make it,” a friend wrote on a GoFundMe campaign.

“An hour after Billi was born Karyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that had spread to her liver, bones and optic nerve.”

Ms Love was told that she would not leave hospital, however fought through and left two weeks later to start treatment of hormone blockers, daily chemotherapy, a long list of complementary medicines, holistic treatments, meditation and an organic, alkaline diet.

“She sat for endless hours in NICU giving Billi healing skin-on-skin time. She couldn‘t wait to bring her home and mother her the way she had always dreamt,” the friend said.

The funds set up through the campaign were intended to cover medical costs and to cover nannying expenses while she underwent treatment.

Ms Love was able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday before she passed.

“What an honour it is to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and a year of life,” she wrote on Instagram about the special day.

“Love has been my secret weapon of choice. The love I have for my daughter. The love I have for my own life. The love the greater community has poured into our life. The love I have for my cancer.

“I have always been a believer that you need to feel to heal and I have definitely felt pain and sadness and I have also felt joy and pure presence. And that is something we all desire. To be present and live a life of gratitude. Life is a gift and I receive this gift with open arms.”

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