Bunnings, Kmart fake job scams on target jobseekers on Facebook

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Bunnings, Kmart fake job scams on target jobseekers on Facebook

Desperate Australian jobseekers are being targeted with fake job ads, promising well-paid employment at Bunnings or Kmart.

New scam ads on social media offer competitive hourly rates at retailers through Facebook posts by scammers.

The end goal of the ruse it to have the job hopefuls hand over their sensitive information via WhatsApp.

Bunnings Australia confirmed it was aware of the scam on Friday, confirming it was working on getting them taken down.

“One of the latest scams is a Facebook post asking for your personal details via WhatsApp to apply for a job with us,’ the retailer said.

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“Another one is an email with an offer to win a Bunnings gift card if you click a link. We place a lot of time and effort into recruiting our amazing team, and we’re in no way associated with this activity.

“We also don’t ask for personal information or banking details in unsolicited communications.”

The fake ad offers jobs with hourly rates varying between $48 and $75 for part-time or full-time work with Bunnings branding and clean punctuation making them even more alluring to jobseekers.

“You only need to complete online work tasks on your phone. Anyone who has free time can apply,” one ad states.

7News has also reported similar scam job ads circulating, which offer well-paid jobs at Kmart.

“We’re aware that there are some fake job adverts appearing on social media and are reporting these,” Kmart said.

The ACCC’s Scamwatch describes how the scams work.

It warns that scammers trick victims into handing over money or personal details by offering a “guaranteed” way to make fast money with minimal effort.

“If you provide your bank account details, the scammer may use them to steal your money or commit other fraudulent activities,” Scamatch says.

“Be suspicious of unsolicited ‘work from home’ opportunities or job offers, particularly those that offer a ‘guaranteed income’ or require you to pay an upfront fee.”

So far this year, Aussies have been fleeced $3.9 million by Job and employment scams.

Bunnings and Kmart prompted potential job seekers to get in touch directly

Anyone who sees the scam to report it to the consumer watchdog’s Scamwatch.

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