Central Coast dad furious after shopper keys car, causes $1000 worth of damage

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Central Coast dad furious after shopper keys car, causes $1000 worth of damage

An Aussie dad is furious after he returned from a shopping trip with his daughter to find that his car had been keyed, leaving him with over $1000 worth of damage.

Adam*, 34, from the Central Coast north of Sydney, claims that a parking dispute led to another shopper wrecking his vehicle.

“The photos don’t do it justice,” he told news.com.au. “They scratched down to the metal. It would have taken a lot of force.”

The father-of-two labelled the person responsible as a “piece of sh*t” and said the situation is “heartbreaking”.

On Tuesday, Adam was looking forward to a rare “daddy-daughter day” with his 7-year-old and went to the local Tuggerah Westfield Shopping Centre.

With the Christmas and New Year period in full swing, it took Adam 10 minutes of driving around the car park before he found an empty spot.

But when he finally found a free parking space, there was a catch.

The car beside him was parked right on the line of their driver’s side. He decided to move as far over to the right as possible when he drove his car in.

“I thought because of this metal gate thing [on the other side of the spot], if I park far enough over, I’ll be able to leave enough room for them,” Adam said.

He got his daughter to climb out of the car on the driver’s side, admitting it was tight, but mostly worried she would damage the other car because she was young and might open the door into the other car.

“We went and had lunch, went on a little bit of a shopping spree, went back to drop stuff off at the car, that’s when we found the scratches.”

One of the scratches is a long line while two of the others are a cross-like pattern on his car’s paint job.

As someone who used to work in the automobile industry, Adam estimates the damage to be well north of $1000 as the perpetrator managed to cut deep into two panels, to both the passenger front door and rear door.

Adam can ill-afford the repairs with cost of living pressures, especially right after the Christmas period.

He also recently became a newly single dad, with full custody of both his children, and his finances are tighter than usual as a result.

He’s giving the culprit a week to come forward otherwise he will report the incident to the police.

It’s not the only heated parking dispute that’s emerged since Christmas time.

A Queensland mum filmed the unbelievable moment an irate neighbour poured a bucket of dog poo mixed with boiling water over her parked car.

The neighbour said she deserved it because the mum had parked too close to her house.

*Name withheld over privacy concerns


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