Customers divided over peeled hard boiled eggs at Costco

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Customers divided over peeled hard boiled eggs at Costco

The internet has been both grossed out and impressed by a bulk buy item at one supermarket.

One social media user took to a Facebook community group to share her Costco find – 2.5kg of hard boiled eggs from Pace Farm that had already been peeled.

The item retailed for just $9.97 – but customers were left divided on it.

“2.5kg of hard boiled eggs save yourself time with having to boil and peel your eggs,” the original social media posted said.

But soon, many people revealed they weren’t keen on the item, which is no longer being sold.

“I would rather do them myself. That way you know how fresh they are and when they have been cooked,” one person commented on the image.

Another said: “Yuck – a good way to get sick.”

One person did see the value in the item for some people.

“Would be good if you owned a take away or cafe nearby for egg and lettuce sandwiches but I don’t think I would buy them for home, could make you very sick,” the person commented on the thread.

Another simply called the item “gross”, with another going so far as to saying the item was making people lazy.

However, the argument was quickly shut down.

One social media used jumped in to defend those who may have a need for it.

“I used to think this too, but then there was a good post on all of the precut veggies at the supermarket,” the person said.

“Think of all the people that don’t have strong fine motor development, may have just had surgery, permanent disability etc.”

Another agreed, adding calling the item lazy was “ableist”.

It comes after similar outrage in 2022, when precut vegetables at supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, came under scrutiny for promoting “laziness”.

Elizabeth Babic, Coles category manager for dairy, frozen and convenience, told at the time there were many reasons why it was “popular and convenient for customers” – which included accessibility for customers with disabilities.

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