Dr Karl Kruszelnicki shares mind-blowing insect DNA fact about tea bags

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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki shares mind-blowing insect DNA fact about tea bags

Australia’s favourite scientist has revealed a shocking fact about one of the country’s favourite beverages.

Many of us love nothing better than to relax with a nice hot cup of tea, but now Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has revealed in a TikTok clip that there are DNA traces of up to 400 insects that can be found in every teabag.

“This is known as environmental DNA and can be left by something as simple as when an insect bites a tea leaf,” he said.

“This DNA is usually fairly fragile, and can be destroyed by ultraviolet light and can be washed away by the rain.”

He said, however, it can survive if conditions are dark and dry – like the inside of a tea bag.

“Well, what does this mean?” he told his followers.

“Firstly, there has been a push for people to eat insects instead of meat, and maybe we tea drinkers are part of that push.

“Secondly, tea fields are a hive of biodiversi-tea.”

Social media users were shocked, with many saying they would switch to loose leaf tea instead.

“Another reason to not drink bagged tea,” one person said.

“Dr. Karl, stop blowing my mind,” wrote another.

Horror brews over American tea-making

Tea is a popular subject when it comes to shocking people online.

Last year, an American attempting to make tea like the Brits made the internet lose it’s collective mind.

In a video that’s been viewed more than 1.3 million times, TikTok user and “American living in the UK” @Swfinds, shared how they brewed their tea.

To begin making “British tea”, @Swfinds instructs you should “add milk” – directly to your kettle.

Next @Swfinds adds a generous spoonful of sugar, multiple tea bags and “bottled water”.

The TikToker then turns on the kettle, and instructs to “boil a lot until creamy”.

After the tea is boiled to their liking (assuming such a travesty against human nature could ever be to anyone’s liking) it is poured into a mug where @Swfinds adds another generous spoonful of sugar.

People watching had a lot to say.

Many commenters said the whole travesty “traumatised” and “offended” them.

“The worst thing I’ve seen in my whole life,” one person said.

“I want to cry,” another said.

Others likened the tea-making method to a “war crime”, with one person saying it was a “declaration of war”.

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