Girls in bikinis on boat get out of felony by winning rock paper scissors

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Girls in bikinis on boat get out of felony by winning rock paper scissors

A debate has erupted over “pretty privilege” after these women claimed to get out of trouble with police by winning a childhood game of chance.

This “pretty privilege” debate is getting pretty ugly.

Bikini-wearing gals on a boat are going viral after claiming that they dodged legal consequences by beating maritime police officers in a classic childhood game of chance — and social media whistleblowers are calling them out for abusing their “pretty privilege” in order to escape justice.

“We got out of felony [sic] with rock, paper, scissors,” brags TikTok user @ThickBwoy in the closed captions of the circulating clip.

In the video, which has reeled in a mind-blowing 18.6 million views, a buxom brunette wearing a two-piece is seen leaning over the edge of a skiff and challenging a badged man in a sheriff’s vest to a seemingly friendly — albeit high-stakes — round of hand war.

And while the supposed crime committed by the boaters — three bikini-clad ladies, two blonds and the brunette, and two clothed men — is unclear, it seems that the presumed cop is holding some form of paperwork and an identification card in his left hand while duking it out against the woman with his right.

After besting the seafaring sweetheart in the first of the three-part gameplay, the supposed officer ultimately loses in the following rounds — playing Paper and getting snipped by the woman’s Scissors, then playing Rock and getting covered by her Paper.

And while the boat crew whooped and hollered with glee over their victory, a wave of social media shade swelled up against the group for supposedly being granted a pass due to the hot girls aboard.

“Being a beautiful woman is a super power,” scoffed one virtual viewer. “Don’t try this when it’s all dudes on the boat,” teased another. And one person bluntly deemed the controversial display “Pretty privilege.”

Others mused that women of other races likely wouldn’t be given a similar “get out of jail free” pass from authorities.

“Definitely not that easy for [people] of colour,” argued one commentator. And that point was echoed by another critic who said, “Results may vary [depending] on skin colour.”

But most people doggedly doubted the TikTok poster’s claims that they were actually facing felony-level trouble.

“They wouldn’t do this with a felony, prob a simple citation for not having some type of needed safety gear. But pretty legit for the deputy,” one user chimed.

“That’s so cap,” another penned, accusing the viral stars of lying. “If you’re facing a felony they wouldn’t be kind like this.”

Mysteriously, @ThickBwoy has yet to publicly provide the details of this controversial post.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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