Hilarious detail in Sydney school’s sausage sizzle menu

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Hilarious detail in Sydney school’s sausage sizzle menu

Whether you prefer classic ‘Democracy Sausage,’ or a ‘Rockyroad to recovery’ sweet treat, this election day sausage sizzle and cake stall has all tastes catered for.

After six weeks of campaigning, today is the day which will decide whether Scott Morrison will continue his run as Prime Minister, or be knocked off his perch by Anthony Albanese.

However as voters storm the polling booths, we get to observe another sacred election day tradition: The sausage sizzle and bake sale.

This year, the P&C of a school in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Newtown has taken a satirical twist on their election day food offerings.

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Located on the boundary between Mr Albanese’s electorate of Grayndler and the Division of Sydney, which is currently served by former Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek, Camdenville Public School ensured all tastes and preferences were catered for.

On the menu was ‘The Albacheesy’ which consists of a haloumi and egg roll, a ‘Burken and Egg,’ which was presumably named after Labor politician Tony Burke, a classic sausage and egg combo dubbed ‘The Josh Fried’n’burg and ‘The Barnaby,’ which is described as a “pulled pork barrel roll”. Also on offer is – of course – the classic sausage and onion ‘Democracy Sausage’ staple.

Potentially a less popular pick is the Pauline Hanson tribute named, ‘The Pauline’ which features just a plain white roll.

Particularly generous punters can also splash $100,000 to fund a new toilet block for the public school.

The P&C’s cake stall also continued the political wordplay.

“Our cake stall will be packed with tasty treats including our famous Scone Morrisons, Tanya Pli-biscuits, Alan Fudge and much, much more,” the event description for the ‘Camdenville Election Extravaganza’ read.

More photos shared on the event page also showed pun-filled baked goods like ‘Ice caps are melting moments,’ ‘Rockyroad to recovery,’ and the ‘Girl guide cookie sales’ (named after ABC’s 7.30 presenter Leigh Sales). Another standout was also the No-Vax Djokovic cupcakes,’ which featured a syringe filled with injectable chocolate sauce.

Voters will have from 8am to 6pm to cast their ballots on Saturday, with more than 7000 polling booths open across the country. To find your nearest polling booth, see our searchable guide here.

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