Hot chips portions to reduce amid national potato shortage

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Hot chips portions to reduce amid national potato shortage

The portion size of your favourite pub classic could soon become smaller as hot chip prices are set to spike.

Ordering hot chips at your local watering hole might soon require some extra thought with prices set to rise as nationwide a potato shortage commences.

A combination of factors such as natural disasters, international pressures and transport issues have created chaos for Australian supply chains, with many food suppliers choosing to increase costs over the past four months.

Australian Hospitality Association (AHA) national president David Canny said pub owners will have to decide whether to push up the prices or find another replacement for the humble chip.

“Almost every pub classic involves a side of potato – be it steak and chips, bangers and mash, burger and chips, parma (or parmie) and chips, potato cakes, fish and chips – the list goes on,” he told TheDaily Telegraph.

“The increase in the price of potatoes puts more financial pressure on pubs already facing increased costs including power, beer excise, drinks over the bar, transport and staff.”

As Christmas approaches venues are being warned to start using other vegies with meals instead of the traditional chip, according to Mr Canny.

Diners of Aussie craft brewery chain, 4 Pines Brewing Company, may soon notice a change.

“I will order 10 boxes but only get two,” 4 Pines operations manager Tarek Ibrahim said.

“Very soon people will order fish and chips, and not get the chips. We’ve ever so slightly reduced portion sizes, but we may have to soon put up signs to explain why if we reduce them further

“We’ve always been extremely generous with chips as potatoes were always so cheap, but now they’re almost as expensive as the protein,” he said.

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