Influencer Brittney Saunders creates FAYT the label

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Influencer Brittney Saunders creates FAYT the label

One of Australia’s most popular size inclusive brands is set to open its first Westfield store in a matter of weeks – leaving customers frothing.

Brittney Saunders, from Newcastle, NSW, began FAYT The Label five years ago at the height of her popularity on YouTube to combine her fashion and entrepreneurial skill.

The 29-year-old had started vlogging on the social media site as a teenager.

“I never thought anything of it at the time, it was only ever just for fun but it completely snowballed into my early 20s and brought me to where I am today,” she told

“I did cop a bit of backlash and bullying from peers in high school when making the videos, a few tears were shed when I’d go home some days but something in me told me to just keep going no matter what people thought.

“Everything I have ever done has truly just come from a random idea, I see myself as a bit of a risk taker and also believe everything happens for a reason.”

As the final years of school drew closer, the social media star realised that school – and university – weren’t for her.

She joked she only stayed into Year 11 because her friends were still plugging away at school.

“I was more interested in getting out there and earning money so I dropped out of school and was waitressing five days a week,” she said.

“I definitely didn’t think about my future at that point – all I was seeing was dollar signs instead of sitting in school – but I have zero regrets!”

Over the years Brittney built a following, amassing a million subscribers on the video platform YouTube before shifting over to sites such as Instagram.

It was during this time she had a bright idea for a fashion label while working with other brands to promote their items in try-on hauls on her channel.

“I have always had that entrepreneurial mindset and knew I wanted to do something epic with my career – in saying that when I started FAYT I never could have imagined it would be where it is today.”

The brand, now five years old, caters from size 6 to size 24, with some items expanding to a size 26 – something Brittney thinks should be a standard across all clothing labels.

She added that as a woman with curves she knows how difficult it can be to find a wardrobe staple such as a pair of jeans.

“To put it plain and simple at this point I don’t understand why size inclusivity isn’t important to every single brand, it should be easy enough and no longer an excuse especially for bigger companies,” she said.

“People deserve to feel included and confident when it comes to shopping both online and in store, it’s not rocket science.

“In saying that, we don’t claim to be completely size inclusive as we currently make our pieces in sizes 6-24AU and have started rolling out size 26AU – there is always room for growth and inclusivity goes well beyond sizing too, but I like to believe we are on the right track and as a brand we are always looking for ways to be more inclusive across the board.”

She said all styles that FAYT has is exclusive to them, designed by Brittney and a team member who model everything on the 29-year-old’s curves.

“This was key to me when starting the brand, instead of use a size 4/6 model to design the clothes off, I measure all the patterns on me so that whether it is a 14 or 6 or 24 there are curves included so that the items are all flattering, and showing off every area of the body,” she said.

And, that sentiment is a reality as Brittney uses her own body to help design the label’s most popular item – the Billy Jeans, which generated FAYT six figures alone.

She said as a curvy woman she knows the plight of going to store after store to find a pair of jeans that is flattering on every part of your lower body.

The label also uses women from the local Newcastle area to model the label’s clothing for social media, using relatable body types to show off the clothing.

But, now the brand is taking a huge step with opening a store in Westfield Miranda – based in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire – after Brittney approached the centre.

The label is mostly housed online currently – with a store in Maryville, a suburb in Newcastle – but this would be a giant leap forward for FAYT.

“I feel as if though this is just the beginning for FAYT,” she said.

“I want to open stores all over the country and who knows, perhaps even go international one day.

“The best thing about opening a store is meeting our customers who might have shopped with us online to offer them an even more personalised experience.

“Our community is so important to us so it is nice to finally meet so many new faces!”

Customers were over the moon with the news – with dozens asking when a store would be coming to their local shopping centre.

“I’ve watched you from day dot from YouTube videos, to multiple clothing brands, to a cafe -every journey. Man I’m so proud of you,” one person said.

Another added: “Can’t wait to shop only 1 hour away! Will allow a few hours to just try on everything, get out of my comfort zone with style etc, and invest in some pieces!”

“I walked past this the other day and was so happy to see its opening at my local centre,” another said.

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