Items flight attendants never travel without revealed

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Items flight attendants never travel without revealed

Flight attendants have revealed the small items that they take with them whenever they travel that make their lives much easier.

Knowing what to take on holiday, and what to leave behind, is something people get better at with experience.

And few people have more experience of travelling than the flight attendants, who take to the skies most days for work.

In a thread on Reddit a soon-to-be cabin crew member reached out to experienced colleagues and asked what they take with them on all of their trips.

They asked: “I’m curious as to what object or objects you take with you when you fly, whether it’s job related, leisure related, or something you just find useful to have on you.

“Bonus questions: which product/s would you recommend for a new FA to get? What brands or specific items would you always recommend going for or steering clear of?”

Some of the answers were predictable, like powerbanks and phone chargers, however others were much more interesting and unusual.

One explained that they never fly without a tube of superglue, in case they need to quickly repair anything while away.

They wrote: “I always take superglue.

“It’s way more durable and useful than you’d expect.

“I glued the entire sole back on a shoe and it lasted the rest of a trip in a salty, snowy Canadian winter.”

A lot of the other suggestions were, perhaps unsurprisingly, food related, with home comforts important when on the road.

One recommended packing tea bags, which is never a bad idea for Brits who want access to their favourite brands abroad.

They said it also helps when they get chilly, adding: “I always get cold in the galley.”

Finally, the new flight attendant was told that they should pack their condiment of choice to make their food taste nicer while away.

The recommending cabin crew member said: “Hot sauce. Makes all food better.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission

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