Kim Kardashian roasted over ‘embarrassing’ editing mistake in Beyond Burger ad

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Kim Kardashian roasted over ‘embarrassing’ editing mistake in Beyond Burger ad

The reality star just announced a new ambassador role – but fans have been quick to spot a major problem in an ad for the brand and are ribbing her for it.

Kim Kardashian has just announced her latest ambassador role – but fans have spotted a major mistake in her first ad for the brand and boy are they ribbing her for it.

The 41-year-old just revealed she’s been named “chief taste consultant” for Beyond Meat, a plant-based meat substitute company best known for its “juicy” veggie burger.

But in a video showing the mum-of-four tucking into some of the meat-free products in a bid to give her verdict on the flavour, eagle-eyed fans have spotted an “embarrassing” stuff-up as Kim enjoyed the famous burger.

“You haven’t taken one bite,” one fan pointed out.

“OK but did you ever actually bite it?” another asked.

As one said: “I’m dying with her eating the burger when the burger is still intact in her hand haha.”

While the Skims creator can visibly be seen taking bites out of other plant-based items in the short clip, the burger appears completely untouched despite the fact Kim’s mouth is moving to suggest she’s taken a bite.

“I love you Kim but them shots of you chewing without even a bite taken out of the food is killing my soul,” one commented.

“The burger didn’t have a bite out of it, but you were chewing,” another stated.

Others labelled the apparent editing mistake “embarrassing” and “awkward” – while some asked: “Did she think we wouldn’t notice?”

Many of her 313 million followers didn’t seem fazed by the mistake, stating the plant-based alternative was “delicious” and commending Kim for promoting vegan products.

“A plant-based queen,” one wrote.

“Vegan for the win Kim,” another said.

As one claimed: “Queen is about to save our planet.”

The reality star turned fashion and beauty entrepreneur told fans she followed a “mostly” vegan diet back in 2019 and she recently credited the lifestyle change as the reason she’s in “the best shape of my life”.

Bikini distraction?

Amid the roasting from fans, Kim shared another post, this time showing her in a tiny string bikini enjoying the sunshine – presumably in Italy where her older sister Kourtney just married Travis Scott.

The sexy snaps show her reclining on a surfboard, her body positioned towards the camera as she faces the sun wearing a pair of statement sunglasses.

Fans lapped this post up, describing the sizzling photos as “perfection” and flooding the comments section with flame emojis.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a stricter form of vegetarianism that means no meat, poultry or fish, nothing that has been taken from meat such as lard, no animal products, including eggs or dairy products and usually they also don’t eat honey.

They also don’t wear or buy products derived from animals such as leather.

According to Sydney-based nutritionist and author Susie Burrell, vegan diets can be balanced and nutritious, but it is important adequate amounts of iron, Vitamin B12 and protein are consumed.

“Most vegans will require a certain amount of planning each day and targeting core foods such as fortified milks, legumes, nuts and seeds to get the right mix of nutrition every day,” Ms Burrell told previously.

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