Maltesers lovers excited over launch of Gold Maltesers

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Maltesers lovers excited over launch of Gold Maltesers

Chocolate lovers are rejoicing over this new addition to the market.

Mars Wrigley announced Maltesers Gold, which features a malt centre coated in gold chocolate, with Australians the first to try the treat.

Social media users immediately fell in love with the new offering.

The man behind dessert company Choc It, Nick Vavitis, took to his Instagram stories with a photo of the new chocolate.

“Bruh, Gold Maltesers please,” he captioned the picture.

Mars Wrigley’s Marketing Director, Ben Hill said: “As one of our first consumer-led product innovations for the year, we have a feeling Australian chocolate-lovers are going to be incredibly excited by this launch.

“Australians are the first consumers in the world to enjoy our new Maltesers Gold, and we’re really proud to have designed and formulated the recipe and manufactured the product locally in Australia at our Ballarat innovation hub. It’s been a full-team effort and we’re incredibly excited to have this product on shelves for January 2023.

“Last year we invested more than $25 million into our Ballarat site with the ambition to bolster consumer-led product innovation within our Bitesize Portfolio.

“Maltesers Gold is not only one of the first product innovations for us this year, it’s a great example of where we’ll be taking the brand over the next 12 to 24 months, so there is a lot for us to be excited about.”

It comes as Maltesers makes it way into the biscuit aisle, with one food lover known as @russ.eats sharing his opinion on it.

“It’s pretty much what I expected it to taste like – a good malt biscuit that melts in your mouth,” the social media user said.

“But, it’s nowhere near the level of a Maltesers so I give it a 7.5 out of 10. It is quite a pleasant bikkie.”

For the mint biscuit, he said it was the mix of the original expert and an Aero bar, so any mint lover will enjoy it.

Maltesers Gold will be sold for $5 at Coles, Woolworths and other independent retailers.

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