Neighbours is coming back! Here’s what we know about the show’s return

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Neighbours is coming back! Here’s what we know about the show’s return

Bringing someone back from the dead is, arguably, one of the great soap opera plot twists.

Now, it’s happening for Neighbours itself — again!

But, as with all good storylines, it raises more questions for next season — like, what did the characters do while they were gone (I’m looking at you, Harold), or will they actually turn out to be their own long-lost evil twin (Dee)?

A group of people clapping and smiling, looking just to the right of the camera.
Neighbours at Mark Gottlieb and Lucy Robinson’s wedding.(Freemantle Media)

What do we know so far?

After 37 years on the air, Neighbours wrapped up in July, with a star-studded finale that attracted almost 1.5 million viewers in Australia.

This week, streaming service Amazon confirmed a partnership with production house Fremantle Australia to bring Neighbours back.

Production will start in early 2023, and the new episodes will screen in the second half of the year.

You will be able to watch Neighbours in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Three people with Neighbours scripts seated outside a venue.
Ryan Moloney, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher will return to Ramsay Street in 2023. (Supplied)

We know four cast members are definitely returning: Jackie Woodburne (who has played Susan Kennedy since 1994), Alan Fletcher (aka Dr Karl Kennedy), Ryan Moloney (“Toadie” Rebecchi), and Stefan Dennis (who has played the ruthless businessman Paul Robinson since the show started in 1985).

What questions remain?

A few big questions remain: what format will the show take, will it be five nights a week, and who else is coming back?

While Moloney is definitely returning to the show, he said he had the same questions as the rest of us.

“Because they couldn’t tell anyone about it, there’s no scriptwriters, there’s no production house going on,” he said.

Some of the cast posted on social media that they were totally surprised by the announcement.

Moloney said some of the cast would have moved on, but he did not think the show will struggle to bring people back, including the hundreds of people who worked behind the scenes.

“I think a lot of people will be like the four of us — like, ‘Of course, we’ll be back, of course’,” he said.

Why has Neighbours come back?

Moloney said despite the big finale, there was always a plan to bring Neighbours back – and it was the success of the final episode that helped.

“The numbers of the last broadcast were just huge and Amazon Freevee have seen that, and Channel 10 always wanted to keep Neighbours going anyway, so I think they’ve said let’s make this happen,” he said.

The final episode, featuring Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, attracted about 1.5 million viewers in Australia alone, and was well received by critics and audiences.

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