NSW, Qld, WA, Victoria weather: Rain to blanket Australia bringing flood risk

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NSW, Qld, WA, Victoria weather: Rain to blanket Australia bringing flood risk

Every Australian state is expected to be hit in a forecasted week of storms, with two separate rain bands to cover the country.

Heavy rainfall moving across Australia is expected to bring renewed flood risk to eastern states over the coming week.

Records have already been challenged in parts of the country’s west as the first rainband tracks east across the country.

The rainfall is moving quickly across the country, caused by two significant weather systems dragging moisture from the Indian Ocean.

“It’s going to be a dramatic start to October for the entire country,” Sky News Weather presenter Alison Osborne said.

The rainfall will reach South Australia from Monday and by Wednesday, Queensland, NSW and northern Victoria will be “in the firing line of widespread heavy rain and thunderstorms,” Ms Osborne said.

Even Tasmania will be affected, with rain o drench the island state by Thursday.

“This upcoming widespread rainfall will bring a renewed flooding risk – particularly for communities already impacted by flooded rivers across eastern Australia,” Bureau of Meteorology expert Jonathan How said.

The Kimberley region, southern inland Queensland and inland NSW are tipped to see the biggest drenching on Wednesday night with rainfall totals possibly in excess of 100mm.

“We’re talking an area that is already under significant flood threat – the water table is absolutely waterlogged so heavy rainfall could lead to increased downstream flows and flooding,” Osborne explained.

The rain is expected to reach the east coast by Thursday, while another significant weather system is set to emerge off south west WA, bringing fresh showers and possible storms on Wednesday.

Early forecasts predict the second rainband will move across South Australia on Thursday, reaching inland NSW on Friday.

“This band will join the party in the east, tapping into that pre-existing unsettled environment and leading to some quite significant downpours yet again,” Osborne said.

The BOM has issued a flood watch for northern WA with the potential for flooded roads to impact and isolate communities.

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