Queen attends horse show in first public appearance in weeks

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Queen attends horse show in first public appearance in weeks

Queen Elizabeth II has attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show, watching the animals she loves from the comfort of a car before walking to her box in her first public appearance in weeks.

The monarch, sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, spoke to a small group through the window after pulling up to the parade ground near Windsor Castle, where she has spent much of the past two years.

She seemed relaxed and smiled while dozens of photographers a few feet away tried to capture the moment.

The Queen’s appearances are being closely watched as Britain prepares to celebrate her 70 years on the throne with four days of festivities next month.

Close up of Queen smiling in sunglasses
Queen Elizabeth II seemed relaxed at the equestrian event. (AP: Steve Parsons)

The 96-year-old has curtailed her schedule in recent months while recovering from COVID-19.

On Tuesday, she asked Prince Charles to preside over the opening of parliament and deliver the Queen’s speech, which lays out the government’s legislative program.

The event is one of the Queen’s most important public appearances, highlighting her constitutional role as head of state.

Queen views a horse statue held by an officer in front of other people smiling
The Queen visited the royal box at the show. (AP: Steve Parsons)

Buckingham Palace did not elaborate on what prompted the Queen to delegate her role to Prince Charles, but she has experienced what the palace calls “episodic mobility problems″ in recent months.

She used a cane during some recent public appearances and Prince Andrew escorted the Queen into Westminster Abbey during last month’s memorial service for her late husband, Prince Philip.


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