Richard Marles signs deal for HIMARS missiles used in Ukraine

Home Politics Richard Marles signs deal for HIMARS missiles used in Ukraine
Richard Marles signs deal for HIMARS missiles used in Ukraine

Newly acquired long-range missiles will eventually be capable of firing up to ten times longer than Australia’s current capability.

The federal government has finalised a deal to purchase 20 US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket systems – which are mounted on trucks – by 2026.

They’re the same missiles Ukraine is using in their fight against Russia.

A deal has also been struck to acquire Norwegian-made Naval Strike Missiles for Australia’s warships next year.

The total cost for this round of military investment is set to exceed one billion dollars.

Australia’s current missile capabilities are currently limited to between 40 and 50 kilometres, while the HIMARS weapons can reach up to 300km.

Emergency Services Minister Murray Watt said the expectation is that will eventually get up to 500 kilometres, or even higher.

“It’s a really significant investment in our defence force capability, and it proves again that we really want to make sure that our defence forces have the best equipment to keep Australian people safe,” he told Sky News.

In Ukraine on New Year’s Day, a US-donated HIMARS killed dozens, if not hundreds, of Russian soldiers.

Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy said the effectiveness of the weapons systems in Ukraine had provided more than enough justification for Australia to purchase the technology.

“The level of technology involved in these acquisitions takes our forces to the cutting edge of modern military hardware,” he said.

“HIMARS launchers have been successfully deployed by the Ukrainian military over recent months and are a substantial new capability for the army.”

Defence Minister Richard Marles said given the current “strategic environment”, it was important the Australian Defence Force is equipped with “high-end, targeted military capabilities”.

“The Naval Strike Missile and HIMARS launchers will give our defence force the ability to deter conflict and protect our interests,” he said.

HIMARS also include a weapon locating radar to detect and respond to land, air and maritime threats.

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