SA Premier Peter Malinauskas apologises for ‘sloppy seconds’ comment

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SA Premier Peter Malinauskas apologises for ‘sloppy seconds’ comment

A South Australian leader has apologised for a “sexist” comment made during a press conference last week – a remark that divided people.

On Tuesday, Premier Peter Malinauskas apologised for uttering the phrase “sloppy seconds”, a remark the state opposition and Greens called out as an “unacceptable sexist comment”.

Speaking about securing AFL Magic Round at a press conference, Mr Malinauskas said: “I didn’t want anyone else’s sloppy seconds, particularly Sydney’s, so now that we’ve got the event, we put on the best show that we can and then that sets us up for the future.”

Greens MLC Tammy Franks said Mr Malinauskas should apologise for the “inappropriate and offensive comment”, as the phrase could be linked to gang rape or group sex.

Mr Malinauskas later revealed he was unaware of the meaning of the term, saying he thought it was in reference to food.

“I honestly would not have used the ‘sloppy seconds’ remark had I known the other context that it has,” he said.

“I use that term in a very specific context, I actually thought it was in reference to food.

“I don’t know if people are going to believe that or not, but that’s the honest truth.

“Given the fact that I didn’t know what it meant, and that I did say it in that context, of course I regret it and for that I’m apologetic.”

This isn’t the first time Mr Malinauskas has slipped up, as he was accused of more sexist comments during a morning run ambushed by Young Liberals.

In March, Mr Malinauskas, who is an active runner, was joined on his regular morning lap by members of the Young Liberals, who struggled to match his pace.

“We were side-by-side, and as we slowed down to stop, he continued past the Young Liberals and yelled, ‘Given up, girls’?,” Young Liberals president Aric Pierce said.

Most of the group alongside Mr Malinauskas were male, but that didn’t stop the then treasurer Rob Lucas expressing his disappointment in Mr Malinauskas, who was Opposition Leader at the time.

“This kind of boorish boy’s club attitude may have been encouraged while he was the boss of a union but is completely inappropriate and out of touch for a man who wants to be the leader of our state – more than half of whom are women,” Mr Lucas said.

Mr Malinauskas again apologised for causing any harm with the “quip”.

“If there was a quip that was out of place, then that shouldn’t have happened and I apologise for that,” he said.

“But, I’ve got to say, it was all pretty good fun, like we even stopped the run at one point so everyone could catch up and come together and that’s including the Young Liberals.

“To be honest, we had a good chat … it was all good fun.”

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