Schoolies: ‘Feral’ antics exposed on TikTok in the Gold Coast

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Schoolies: ‘Feral’ antics exposed on TikTok in the Gold Coast

We are only a few days into schoolies 2022 and already the wild – and gross – antics of some school leavers have been exposed online.

Schoolies week one kicked off on the Gold Coast on Saturday and, while Queensland Police have praised the behaviour of those attending celebrations, the “feral” actions of some attendees have been playing out on social media.

One school leaver has shown the state of the hotel room he and his friends are staying in after just two nights of partying.

In the TikTok video, empty pizza boxes, various rubbish and – of course – a huge amount of empty drink cans can be seen covering tables and the ground in the room.

Vapes, packets of condoms, empty McDonald’s bags and piles of clothes are also strewn around the place.

A look inside the fridge shows it is packed full of more alcoholic beverages, with a single tub of butter and a bottle of tomato sauce appearing to be the only non-alcoholic items in view.

The video was captioned: “Every schoolies room rn.”

Other videos have shown the huge mess left behind on the street following the first two nights of partying.

In one video, rubbish can be seen strewn across Cavill Ave, the main strip in Surfers Paradise, with seagulls picking through the remains of food packages.

“You dirty motherf***ers,” a person is heard screaming out as the footage pans across the scene.

“Class of 2022 is feral,” one person commented on the video.

Another person claimed Schoolies had “never been this bad”, saying the 2022 graduates “just don’t have the respect”,

“I normally say they are just having fun but at least they could have used the bins,” another said.

There have only been two nights of celebrations so far, but each morning new videos have emerged showing the “feral” state the streets have been left in.

“Schoolies, this is f**ked,” a school leaver says as the camera pans over the rubbish strewn across the street from the first night.

The day 2 “aftermath” shows a similar scene.

“Brush does no one know how to use a bin or what,” one user wrote.

“That’s foul,” another said.

Many suggested it was particularly disheartening sight given that this cohort of graduates have grown up being taught about their impact on the environment.

“So disrespectful to the environment,” one user wrote.

Schoolies has only entered its third day and some attendees have already claimed to have been kicked out of their hotel.

Two teenage boys posted a video to TikTok of them dancing after claiming to have been booted from their hotel for “excessive possession of alcohol”.

The poster then uploaded another video saying their friends had let him stay at their hotel at the Hilton.

“Got evicted from my sh**ty hotel but now I’m camping att the Hilton for the cost of drinks,” he wrote on the video.

“Homies letting me sleep on the balcony to get me off the streets for the next week,” the caption read.

However, many people were sceptical about his claims, saying they had never heard of such a rule.

One group has been conducting “interviews” with people they have run into on the streets during the celebrations.

In one of the videos, a boy asks a group of girls how their night is going so far, to which one of the teen responds: “Pretty f**king s**t”.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

“Um, well we get to Surfers and we run into the back of a cop bike, reversing into it, and then we get arrested in a stolen car,” she claims,

This prompted the interviewer to say that was “wild”, before his friends all urge him to skip to the next question, which is asking the group who they would “f**k, marry and kill” out of the three boys before them.

The uploader also had another video asking a different teenage girl this exact same question.

The TikTok user conducting the “interviews” doesn’t even appear to be a 2022 school leaver, with his profile showing video’s celebrating last year’s schoolies event.

When one commenter pointed out he and his friends graduated last year, the TikTok user claimed Surfer’s Paradise was “open to the public”.

Another person branded him a “toolie”, to which he responded that he was a “club goer”.

Many teens have been quick to show the less-glamorous side of schoolies, with one user showing what many attendees have to go through just to get back into their hotel rooms.

The video, taken at Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel, shows a huge line of school leavers waiting to get into the lifts to get back to their room.

“When the Hilton lift takes forever so you just have to wait,” the TikTok user captioned the video, with the line appearing to stretch almost out the doors of the hotel.

The video has been viewed more than 244,000 times and appeared to trigger some “unwanted” flashbacks for some viewers.

“Oh gosh this brings back unwanted memories,” one person wrote.

“Had to walk down 41 flights of stair half the time at schoolies was not waiting for that lift,” another said.

One person offered a warning for when it was time to check out, saying: “Just wait till you are leaving on Saturday. When I went it took us over an hour to get a lift.”

Around 20,000 people are expected to descend on Surfers Paradise during the first week of schoolies, with police deploying extra officers to the area.

On Sunday, Gold Coast District Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman said the first night of celebration had “spectacularly”, with only four people arrested on seven charges.

He said this was almost identical to last year’s numbers, but this year there were an extra 10,000 school leavers attending.

“So when you work those numbers out, it just highlights the incredible behaviour that’s being displayed by our school leavers,” he said.

“We’ve seen our school leavers displaying a lot of maturity for their young years.

“Normally in previous years, we wouldn’t see school leavers until around midday when they’d start surfacing; driving through the Gold Coast earlier this morning they’re out and about, going to cafes, having breakfast.”

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