Shoppers accuse Woolworths of creating more work with Scan&Go check-outs

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Shoppers accuse Woolworths of creating more work with Scan&Go check-outs

Woolworths’ bid to make queues a thing of the past with its introduction of new registers has outraged some Aussies, who have accused the supermarket giant of creating more work for shoppers.

Customers have started to spot Scan&Go terminals in stores. And while they’re currently only available in 66 stores nationwide, there are plans to introduce more as opportunities for new stores and renovations arise.

“Scan&Go is the faster, smarter way to shop for your groceries at Woolworths,” a Woolworths spokesperson told

But not everyone’s impressed – reacting to the announcement, hundreds of readers airing their grievances over the fact “they charge us more for food [yet] we have to serve ourselves”, saying “staff to assist will be a thing of the past”.

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“So we just keep doing their job for them and boost their profits on the way then,” one commented.

“If they want me to do their work then they can pay me for it. Rather see someone behind the counter getting a job than this.”

“They charge us more for food, we have to serve ourselves, and we get to talk to a machine rather than a person,” wrote another.

“This is just the start of [Artificial Intelligence] taking over from real people.”

While a third said: “You pay for customer service, yet do it all yourself and still pay full price. There wouldn’t be queuing if they actually had enough staff on the floor to open registers when needed.”

“Machines don’t stop queues. More like jobs replaced,” agreed another.

“I like having the scanning and bags done for me. Looks like service is gone.”

“Do we get a staff discount since we are shopping and then working??” quipped another.

Others declared the Scan&Go terminals would lead to an increase in theft.

“There goes even more shoplifting … I think there will be a lot of dishonest people who won’t scan items,” commented one.

While a second wrote: “Just encourages theft!”

Others, however, commended the new check-outs, having experienced them already in their local stores.

“Awesome option. Can’t wait till these are everywhere,” one person said.

“Workers hate being cashiers, dealing with peoples entitlement and bad attitudes, so having their work moved to online collections would be a welcome change.”

One customer in New Zealand said they “love it”.

“Saves unpacking trolley then repacking again. Most checkout people hate doing checkout and have been given other jobs to do like click and collect which is also popular.”

Stores such as Crows Nest and Wentworthville in Sydney have recently included them among the self-serve and staffed check-outs.

To use the new check-outs, all customers have to do is download the Woolworths app onto their phone. Then, as they shop, all they need to do is scan each product’s barcode. At the end of the shop, customers then present a QR code at the Scan&Go checkout and pay.

“Customers download the Woolworths app on their phone and simply scan the product barcodes as they walk through the store if Scan&Go is offered at their local store,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers finalise their shop by paying through the app then presenting a QR code at the Scan&Go dedicated checkout upon exiting the store.

“As Woolworths opens new stores and renew existing stores, Scan&Go will be considered part of the mix.”

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