The places in Australia where people live the longest

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New statistics show our life expectancy has gone up, but where you live can affect how long you live.

Boys born in Australia today can expect to live until they are 80.9 years old, while for girls it’s now 85 years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data found.

Meanwhile, men are slowly closing the gap on women.

In the two years from 2016-2018, life expectancy for males increased by 0.2 years, while women saw an improvement of 0.1 years.

Over the last decade, men have added another 1.6 years to their lifespan and women 1.1 years.

Australia ranks sixth in the world when it comes to living the longest.

While our life expectancy trails behind Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain and Italy – we are ahead of the game compared to many other similarly developed countries.

“Australians have a higher life expectancy than comparable countries, such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA,” ABS Demography Director Lauren Ford said.
(Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Sydneysiders living on the north shore can expect to celebrate more birthdays than all other Australians.

Those in the North Sydney and Hornsby council areas have a life expectancy of 85.4 years for men and 87.8 years for women.

The lowest life expectancy for both Australian males and females can be found in the Northern Territory’s outback, at 72.2 years for men and 76.6 years for women.

When it comes to the states, Victoria recorded the highest male life expectancy (81.8 years), followed by the Australian Capital Territory (81.6 years), Western Australia (80.9 years), New South Wales (80.7 years), South Australia (80.4 years), Queensland (80.3 years) and Tasmania (79.5 years).

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