TikTok star reveals foul reason we should avoid swim-up pool bars | Video

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TikTok star reveals foul reason we should avoid swim-up pool bars | Video

They’re one of the most popular spots at a resort, but one TikTok user has revealed why you should avoid a swim-up bar at all costs.

Travel and foodie blogger @twofoodpiggies has made an explosive video about the dangers of something many of us enjoy on holidays – the hotel swim-up bar.

You know, the bar that’s built into the pool so you don’t have to hop out to order a drink, meaning you can potentially stay in the pool for hours.

We thought it was all fun and games; but this TikTokker thinks it’s problematic, Kidspot reports.

She captioned her video: “One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom.”

The video has been viewed more than four million times.

“Vacation pro-trip,” the blogger says over footage of a swim-up bar. “Do not hang out in the pool where the swim-up bar is.”

On holiday in Riu Baja, California, the woman adds: “There were literally intoxicated guests admitting that they were peeing in the pool here.”

She went on: “People sit there for four to six hours without leaving and consuming alcoholic beverages. They don’t really need to go anywhere. They want to save their spot at that pool there.”

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Comments made it worse

The comments on the video were mildly horrifying, as hundreds admitted to free-peeing in the pool, even if a bar wasn’t involved.

Comments included:

“I cannot believe someone who stands in the pool all day long, pees in the pool … thank you for advice.”

“Derr, that’s the point of the swim-up bar, you never have to leave.”

“I do it sober. Don’t judge me.”

“Bruh. A lot of people do it.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ve ever not peed in a pool.”

“That’s the perk.”

“I am the danger.”

One person then said: “The amount of people admitting peeing in a pool in this comment section disgusts me.”

But others thought the behaviour was to be expected.

“I’ve stayed at this hotel. I watched people sit at the pool bar, drink all day and not get out. I did not use that pool.”

Another noted: “I’m a bartender in a city, I always see long lines to the bathroom, but I never see lines at pool bar bathrooms.”

Meanwhile others tried to be reassuring.

“There’s a thing called chlorine.”

In a follow-up video, the blogger discussed it further after the many comments she had received.

“The example is, would you rather be in a pool where 20 to 30 people are peeing in? Or would you rather go in a pool where two to five people are peeing in?”

The answer is neither.

This story originally appeared on Kidspot and is republished here with permission

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