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Unusual airlines that really existed

There have been some odd airlines around the world – from passengers flying nude to raunchy hosties – and these are the strangest of the lot.

There have been some weird and wacky airlines through the history of aviation.

New airlines emerged in the flurry of changes resulting from the US deregulation of the industry in the 1970s – and around the world.

One airline allowed passengers to fly nude and another featured hosties in bikinis. These are the strangest of the lot.

Hooters Air

Known for its chain of restaurants staffed by young women in revealing outfits, Hooters took its brand to the air with Hooters Air.

The chairman of the restaurant acquired Pace Airlines and converted the fleet of eight aircraft into Hooters Air and commenced operations in 2003

It featured scantily clad women as hosties on every flight. But they didn’t serve food or drinks, instead entertaining the passengers with trivia games — all the while wearing orange and white tank-tops with short shorts.

CNN reports the airline was popular with golfers and tourists.

By 2006 however, it was out of business.

Hello Kitty airline

A Taiwanese airline decided to go another route – tapping in on the Hello Kitty craze.

EVA Air allows for fans of the Japanese character to travel in style.

Everything on the plane is Hello Kitty themed.

That includes the pillows, the napkins and outfits of the hosties.

Even the plane is painted.

Bikinis in the skies

VietJet Air took the idea of attractive hosties to the next level.

Vietnamese businesswoman and airline CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao had the idea of getting her hosties to wear bikinis on flights.

Strangely enough, the plan worked brilliantly.

She has since become Vietnam’s first self-made woman billionaire and has a net worth of about US$2.1 billion.

Green and very visible

Kulula Airlines, a low-cost outfit based in South Africa had a novel way of getting attention: painting all its jets a very bright green.

It’s easy to spot your plane on the tarmac.

Nude flights

Germans are known for being brave when it comes to nudity.

These passengers, booked by a German travel agency, disrobed at 30,000ft in the sky.

They had to be fully clothed when taking off and landing though.

The flights were part of a day trip from the German city of Erfurt to a Baltic Sea resort.

Lucky dip flights

Eurowings launched a service with “blind bookings”.

This means you choose the general destination you want to go. But you don’t know where you’re going until you book your ticket.

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