Vegemite flavoured SPC baked beans gets mixed reaction from Aussies

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Vegemite flavoured SPC baked beans gets mixed reaction from Aussies

Iconic Aussie spread Vegemite has launched perhaps its most ambitious crossover yet, attracting disgust and shock from the public.

Vegemite’s most ambitious crossover yet has garnered a mixed reaction from the public, who are worried the new product will be “yuck”.

The iconic Australian spread is teaming up with SPC to sell flavoured baked beans, though some are saying the two products should “never ever” be together.

The collaboration will see the iconic spread inject its taste in the beans and rich, cheesy tomato sauce which “oozes the bold, fair dinkum flavour of Australia”.

SPC marketing manager George Dimkin said his company’s aim is to “give Aussies a reason to fall in love with baked beans all over again”.

“While we’re drawing upon the iconic taste of Vegemite, that classic, rich SPC flavour stays true blue, all the way through, creating the ideal Aussie combination which can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch and tea,” he said.

Each can is also jam-packed with protein, has a four-star health rating, contains no artificial flavours and is made from 4.3 servings of veggies.

Jacqui Roth, Vegemite marketing manager, said Vegemite wanted to tap into Aussies’ love of baked beans through the collaboration.

“We know that Aussies love eating Vegemite with baked beans on toast, so it was a no-brainer to partner with SPC on this exciting, new product,” she said.

“Now Aussies can get their much-loved Vegemite baked beans hit in a convenient can.”

But that sentiment has not rung true with some Australians, who quickly took to social media to share their shock.

“God damn I love vegemite. But vegemite baked beans, no just no,” one said.

“They are inventing a new baked bean flavour Vegemite baked beans in Australia, yuck,” another said.

“Nope. Love Beans and Vegemite, but never ever together,” another declared.

But the team up is not without its fans, with one commenter saying they have been putting baked beans on vegemite toast for over 20 years.

The mash-up is available at supermarkets across Australia and retails for $5 for a four-pack or $1.70 for a single can.

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