Viral TikTok on Woolworths Scan & Go feature

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Viral TikTok on Woolworths Scan & Go feature

A Sydney influencer has clocked almost 1 million views after she revealed a new Woolies scan feature some shoppers had no idea about.

What if there was a way to track exactly what you buy and how much damage you have done before you get to the checkout of your local grocery store.

Well, there is and Woolies shoppers are loving it.

The supermarket giant has been incrementally rolling out Scan & Go and so far it’s available in 49 stores across the country.

Sydney influencer Queenie Tan, who is known for sharing little-known money saving tips on TikTok, recently discovered the feature on her Woolies app, describing it as “life changing”.

“You need to try this Woolies hack!” she said in a clip.

“Just open the Woolworths app and click on settings [then] Scan & Go.”

The 25-year-old shared footage shopping at her local store, telling viewers the feature allowed you to scan your items as you go and add them to your bag.

“You will see how much it will cost and how many items you have,” Queenie said. “I don’t have to be shocked at the counter anymore.

“When you’re done shopping you can head to the Scan & Go counter and the best part is there’s no line and your food is already in your shopping bags.”

Queenie added that all that’s left to do is “pay and leave”.

The finance influencer also raved about the retailer’s new self-serve scales.

“If you’re wondering, you can put fruit and veggies on the scale and it atomically knows what it is. It’s like magic,” she joked.

Queenie made it clear it’s not available at every store, but as Woolies opens new stores and renews existing stores, Scan & Go will be considered part of the mix

“Scan & Go is the faster, smarter way to shop for your groceries at Woolworths,” a Woolies spokesperson told

“Customers download the app on their phone and simply scan the product barcodes as they walk through the store if Scan & Go is offered at their local store.”

Woolworths head of digital in-store, Ben Garvan, previously told it allows customers to closely track their spend as they shop, which is helpful for budgeting.

Queenie’s TikTok has amassed almost 1 million views with shoppers eager to give it a go.

“This is awesome,” one person wrote.

“The future is here,” a second person said, while a third added: “I never knew this existed, wow.”

Others said it will help make their shop “cheaper”.

“My shopping will be so cheap this way,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I was going to do this a while ago then totally forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder.

A third added: “That’s pretty cool. Don’t think my Woolies has it though.”

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