Weather: Intense thunderstorms hit SA, massive rain band to smash five states

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Weather: Intense thunderstorms hit SA, massive rain band to smash five states

Dangerous storms will drench our capital cities again this weekend, with a 2000km rain band possibly bringing tornadoes to one state.

“Warm, humid and unsettled conditions, along with thunderstorms, will continue for central and eastern Australia ahead of further rain and storms this weekend,” the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Major flooding continues to impact many communities in inland New South Wales, while minor to moderate flooding is still occurring across many other rivers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Here’s what’s happening in your state.


The dangerous weather has kicked off in South Australia on Saturday morning, with thunderstorms forecast.

“Low-pressure troughs in recent days have already led to an abundance of lightning across a significant chunk of Australia, and the coming days will be no exception,” Weatherzone meteorologist Thomas Hough said.

Damaging winds of up to 30km/h on Saturday and rainfall totals of up to 25mm are expected in Adelaide.

The storms are expected to ease by Sunday, but the sun will not come out before the weekend is over.

Winds are expected to intensify with the possibility of speeds of 40km/h.


Widespread showers and storms are predicted to fall over NSW this weekend.

“This weekend brings the potential of a renewed system that may bring widespread showers and storms, some severe,” the NSW SES said in a statement.

Localised heavy falls with thunderstorms about the southwest slopes of the state are possible over the weekend, with flash flooding and renewed river rises possible.

A massive rain band will stretch over NSW by Sunday afternoon, bringing the threat of “supercell thunderstorms” and possibly tornadoes over the west of the state.

“It will be ferocious,” Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne said.“ We’re talking widespread storms from coast to outback.

“NSW is where the heaviest falls and the wildest storms will zone in.”

She said it was “not good news” for already flooded parts of the state, where sodden soils create a higher risk of toppling trees and flash flooding.


Showers and thunderstorms will stick around in Melbourne in the coming days, bringing a renewed risk of thunderstorm asthma.

“Along with the warm weather comes an increased pollen outlook, reaching high to extreme across Victoria over the coming days,” the Bureau of Meteorology said.

“With forecast thunderstorms, thunderstorm asthma is also a risk.”

The heaviest rainfall will be on Sunday, with up to 20mm forecast for the capital city.


The Sunshine State will have a mostly sunny weekend, with temperatures staying around the 30C mark.

The storm band moving across the eastern states will bring showers late on Sunday.

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