Woman’s IUD causes her to go into labour without being pregnant

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Woman’s IUD causes her to go into labour without being pregnant

A young woman has revealed how a decision to change her birth control methods led to her going into labour without ever being pregnant.

Holly Smallwood, who goes by @hollyyywood — on TikTok, took to the social media app to reveal how it all happened.

She said she wanted to come off of hormonal birth control and made a decision to switch to the copper T, which is a non hormonal IUD.

Holly said she scheduled an appointment with her gynaecologist, driving eight hours to see her after recently moving.

“She gives me the talk, asking if I knew what to expect as it was my first IUD,” she told her followers.

Her doctor told her it was painful but Holly said she had a pretty high pain tolerance.

“So she goes to insert it and it’s not the worst pain ever and she puts her gloves in the trash,” Holly said.

“She said for the next seven to 10 minutes I’d experience some cramping. I’ll have the nurse come to check in on you.”

Five minutes later, the nurse does just that – but by this time Holly was experiencing a lot of pain and began to fell “weird”.

The nurse told her to give it a few more minutes as it was settling in.

When the nurse comes in another five minutes later, Holly starts vomiting and starts to see black before passing out.

“Within the next five minutes all hell broke loose. My extremities went numb, I’m sweating profusely,” she said.

“She’s progressively looking a little more concerned but she also said some people tolerate pain differently.

“But she said we’ve seen this before, and then I felt something I’ve only ever heard of in movies.

“I don’t even knew how I knew – but I was having contractions.”

She said there was also an endorphin release, where she was able to ask questions about the “worst pain” she’d experienced.

Holly said she was asked if seizures run in her family because her hands were locked up, and that is when the doctor returned.

The IUD was removed and the doctor said she’d only ever seen Holly’s reaction happen once before, as it was placed on a nerve.

Holly’s body was going into labour to attempt to push the IUD out – with the doctor stating if Holly had been pregnant, she would have had an epidural by that point.

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